Android launcher and search engine Evie “reimagines” the mobile homescreen

Evie CEO and former Amazon engineer David Zhao insists that his company isn’t trying to replace or compete directly with Google. What Zhao and his team say is that they want to re-imagine the Android homescreen.
As a practical matter this means overcoming the current fragmentation in the mobile ecosystem between apps and the mobile web and among apps. The company wants to speed content discovery and task completion (i.e., reservations, tickets), whether on the mobile web or in apps.
In some ways Evie tries to emulate Apple Spotlight Search as an app launching tool for Android. Zhao explains the company’s philosohy in a blog post:
We believe the core solution to this app proliferation and fragmentation problem lies in understanding the relationships between apps, services, and content on mobile. We want to provide people with a direct path to what they want, when and where they want it — without toggling between multiple apps.
In development for about 18 months, Evie indexes

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