10 Common Mistakes When Setting Up Audiences In AdWords

I think it’s clear that the hot concept of the year has been that audiences are more important than keywords. While people have differing opinions here, it’s important to note that audiences should form a part of any successful AdWords strategy (even if you think keywords are still more important).
With this in mind, I thought it would be good to share common issues people find when setting up audiences.
Why You Might Use Audiences

1. Display Network Remarketing
This is the more traditional form of remarketing and is the kind that follows users around the Google Display Network either with static advertisements or with dynamic ads showing products that have been viewed on the website.
Criteria for audience lists: You can start using one of these audience lists once you’ve gathered up 100 members and can utilize lists based on the last 540 days.
2. Remarketing Lists For Search Ads (RLSAs)
Not everyone cottons to this form of remarketing, as it’s less obvious. This

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Use Google Analytics To Stop Wasting Remarketing Dollars On People That “Just Aren’t That Into You”

Remarketing is a powerful way to gain incremental conversions. After all, there is no better audience for buying your product than the one that is already familiar with it. Your visitors are warm prospects, and your remarketing pushes them right down the funnel.
But wait, is that always true? Is every person who visited your site actually in-market for your product? Or, are some of those site visitors just people with “fat fingers” that accidentally clicked a link on their tablet? Was that surge of traffic from Tumblr actually people interested in buying insurance, or was it curiosity clicks from a humorous take-down of your stock photo choices?
Face it — a chunk of your website visitors “Just Aren’t That Into You.” Coming to terms with this can be tough on the ego. Even tougher, though, is realizing that your remarketing campaigns are wasting dollars and impressions trying to reengage these people who don’t really care in the first place. Ouch.

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10 Top Retargeting Tips For AdWords Users

Last month, I spoke at SMX London at the Advanced Retargeting Strategies session and gave my top pointers for things you should be considering when retargeting via the AdWords platform.
Many attendees found these tips helpful, so I thought I’d share them here as well. Do leave a comment if you’ve learned something new or have something to add!
Tip 1: Utilize Dynamic Remarketing For All Verticals
Dynamic remarketing isn’t just for retail sites that have merchant center accounts. You can now upload your own custom feed into AdWords in the business data section, and presto!
You can make these amazing ads that showcase areas such as travel, recruitment, education, real estate, jobs and local deals! Details on how to create a custom feed can be found here. The examples below are from a client called Alpine Elements who sell activity and ski holidays.

To set these up, you need to adjust your dynamic remarketing code to include some more custom variables

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Why You Should Be Using Google Analytics Smart Lists For Remarketing

Almost to this date last year, I wrote a blog on the Periscopix website detailing what Google Analytics Smart Lists were.  These were introduced in April 2014, so I imagine you’ve heard of them by now. The question is, have you actually used them?
We’ve been doing some more testing of them at Periscopix, and the results look good.
A Recap On What Smart Lists Are
A Smart List is a type of remarketing list that Google creates for you based on your conversion data in Google Analytics. Using machine learning, Google looks through this data for indications that a user is likely to convert on a subsequent visit to your site.
Signals like location, device, browser, referrer, and more are analysed daily, and the list is then updated to include users who show characteristics of those with a higher propensity to convert.
Criteria For Setting Up Smart Lists
You need to have adjusted your Google Analytics code to enable remarketing and advertising reporting features as per instructions here.  You also

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