Why going global is essential to your business

As the world becomes increasingly connected, it’s becoming more vital than ever for virtually all businesses, regardless of size, to have a global online presence. As Search Engine Land columnist Brendan McGonigle rightly notes, if you only advertise in the United States, you’re missing out on billions of potential customers. But taking a one-size-fits-all approach won’t cut it.
For example, while Google has a considerable presence in Russia, you won’t want to overlook the SEO and SEM options offered by market leader Yandex. And if you want to venture into China, it’s critical to know the ins and outs of the dominant search platform that serves the country, Baidu.
At SMX East, three acknowledged global search marketing experts will discuss how to jump-start your multinational campaigns. In “Why Going Global Is Essential To Your Business,” you’ll hear Frederic Schaub, a partner at the Swiss-based Consultancy Group and former senior manager of global strategy for Marriott Digital Services, discuss the

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