Google to add presidential, senatorial & congressional election results directly in search

In addition to posting an Election Day reminder doodle and offering up an interactive tool that helps voters find polling locations, Google will be delivering real-time election results directly in search after the polls close tomorrow.
“Starting when the polls close on Election Day, you will be able to find US election results integrated right into your Google searches in over 30 languages around the world,” writes Google Search VP of Engineering Shashi Thakur, in a blog post shared on the Official Google Blog, Google’s Politics and Elections Blog and the official YouTube Blog.
Google says searchers will be able to find results for the presidential, senatorial, congressional and gubernatorial races, along with results for state-level referendums and ballot propositions. (While Google did not name a specific query that would surface results, the animated GIF included “election results” as the search term.)

According to the blog post, YouTube will also be airing live election coverage starting at 7:00 p.m. ET

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Google to launch new voter registration search tools & live-stream conventions on YouTube

Google announced today it would be launching new voter registration search tools this coming Monday, July 18.
According to the post on Google’s official blog, searches for [register to vote] and similar queries will deliver a “detailed state-by-state guide” covering how to register, general requirements to vote, and registration deadlines.
While the new voter registration search tools are not live yet, Google shared the following image demonstrating how they work:

In addition to the new election-related search tools, Google says searches for the upcoming Republican and Democratic National Conventions on the Google App will surface event info along with speaker lineups and that both conventions will be broadcast via a live stream on YouTube.
During the 2014 election season, Google released similar voter-related search tools, with search results tailored to answer questions like “What is my registration deadline?” and “How do I vote?” — all personalized by state. Since Google’s newest search tools do not roll out until next week, it’s

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YouTube reports 224% jump in refugee-related searches since start of elections

Tracking the 2016 presidential election trends, YouTube found refugee-related searches on the site have increased 224 percent since last April, when the 2016 presidential candidates began announcing their campaigns.
YouTube listed refugees, immigration, gun control, economy and health care as “some of the most searched” election-related topics during this election cycle. Among these five political issues, refugee searches accounted for three times more growth than any other topic.
Video searches for immigration topics — an election-related issue attached to the refugee crisis — saw the second highest amount of growth in searches, at 51 percent.
Top YouTube video search trends for political issues

YouTube also reports a 294-percent increase in paid views for candidate ads since October 2015, claiming that it “essentially sold out” of its reserve ad inventory before the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada primaries.
More on YouTube’s election trends report can be found on our partner site at Marketing Land: YouTube: 2016 presidential election-related

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Google: 82% Of Super Bowl Ad Searches Happened On Mobile, Up From 70%

Pity the Super Bowl advertisers that didn’t take full advantage of mobile search this year. According to Google, 82 percent of TV ad-driven searches during the Super Bowl happened on smartphones. That’s a 12-point jump from last year, when 70 percent of Super Bowl ad-related searches across Google and YouTube derived from phones.
During this year’s game, just 11 percent of searches related to ads aired during the big game happened on desktop/laptop, and seven percent occurred on tablets.
Overall, the ads drove more than 7.5 million incremental searches during the Broncos-Panthers game, according to Google. That’s 40 percent higher than the lift last year’s Super Bowl advertisers saw in search.
Searches driven by Super Bowl TV ads were at their highest levels during the first two quarters of this year’s match-up. Ads-related searches fell in the second half of the game, in which the score remained relatively tight. Google says this trend reflects what happened during last year’s close game.

That contrasts with 2014, when audiences seemingly

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Expand Your Search Presence With External Sites

Don’t limit your SEO strategy to your own website. There are many ways to increase your brand’s exposure in search by optimizing social profiles and getting other sites to rank for your brand in search. This can help you 1) protect your online reputation by dominating the first page of search for branded search, and 2) rank for keywords faster than you would be able to with only your own domain.
Optimizing Social Profiles For Branded Search
Your own site cannot dominate the first page of search results, which leaves you vulnerable to having negative content on other sites rank for your brand name. In order to protect your brand’s presence in search engine results pages, you should create and claim profiles on social sites.
Every site is a little different, but optimizing for your brand is usually pretty similar across sites. For example, on Pinterest, use your brand name as the business name and username, and write a brief description also containing your

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Google Reports A 41% Growth In Mobile Searches For Movie Showtimes

Google has put together a few figures sure to pique the interest of film promoters. According to Google’s data, the number of mobile searches on its site for movie showtimes has increased 41 percent so far this year.
With the help of market research firm Ipsos, Google used its search and movie trailer data from YouTube to see how consumers use Google to decide which movie to see see next.
The study found 74 percent of moviegoers search online to find showtimes, with 56 percent of searches related to movie tickets taking place on a mobile device.
You can read more about the study, along with a list of YouTube’s top five most watched summer movie trailers this year, on our partner site at Marketing Land: Top 5 Summer Movie Trailers: Google Says 81% Of People Who Watched A Trailer Online Saw It On YouTube.
The post Google Reports A 41% Growth In Mobile Searches For Movie Showtimes

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