What Does Yahoo’s New Google Partnership Mean For SEO’s Future?

For the past 15 years or so, the search engine hierarchy has been pretty clear: Google is the dominating force in the search world, with all other platforms solidly behind.
Bing came onto the scene a little late but has grown steadily to reach a search market share of more than 20 percent, chipping away at Google’s still-dominant 66-percent position.
What’s interesting is that for the past few years, Bing has also powered Google’s next most popular rival, Yahoo. Though serving users with a Yahoo-branded skin and platform, the real “guts” of the engine were offered by Bing.
Now, Yahoo has signed a new partnership with Google, reuniting two of the once-fiercest competitors in the search world and pointing toward the future of search engine relations.
Details Of The Deal
The Yahoo-Google deal apparently arose after the terms of its deal with Bing were renegotiated back in March. Under the new deal terms, Yahoo had the right to seek search ad provisions from

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