Google Search Console improves Security Issues reports

Google announced they have improved the Search Issues report in the Google Search Console. Specifically, the reports now provide more specific explanations of the security issues detected by Safe Browsing.
The types of security issues that can show include malware, deceptive pages, harmful downloads, and uncommon downloads. The new explanations promise to give more “context and detail” into the security issues. This includes “tailored recommendations for each type of issue, including sample URLs that webmasters can check to identify the source of the issue, as well as specific remediation actions webmasters can take to resolve the issue,” Google said.
Here is a screen shot of some of the alerts one may see in this report:

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Google reports more than 40K government requests for user data during 2nd half of 2015

Google has released its latest transparency report update, reporting 40,677 requests for user data from governments around the world.
According to the latest numbers, there were over 5,000 more requests during the second half of 2015 compared to January through June of 2015, with 81,311 total users/accounts specified.
Requests for user data by reporting period

Of the more than 100 countries listed on the transparency report, the United States had the most government requests for user data and account information at 12,523, followed by Germany with 7,491 requests and France with 4,174 requests.
Google gave itself a pat on the back on its latest Google Public Policy blog post, noting it had led the charge for global transparency around government surveillance laws.
We helped create the Reform Government Surveillance coalition to encourage Congress and the executive branch to take steps to modernize US surveillance laws, further protect the privacy and data security rights of all users, including those outside the US and

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Google sent 4 million messages about search spam last year, saw 33% increase in clean-up requests

Google announced today the latest in their efforts to clean up the search results through webspam techniques. Google explained that in 2015 they saw a 180-percent increase in websites being hacked compared to 2014 and also saw “an increase in the number of sites with thin, low-quality content.”
To combat that, Google released their hacked spam algorithm in October 2015, which resulted in removing “the vast majority” of those issues. They also sent out more than 4.3 million messages to webmasters to notify them of manual actions on their sites; that is a ton of manual notices. With that, they saw a 33-percent increase in the number of sites that went through the reconsideration process. So it is clearly important to make sure to verify your website in the Google Search Console so that you can be alerted of any issues Google finds on your site.
Google also said that users submitted more than 400,000 spam reports. Google acted

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