Danny Sullivan joins Google, leaves advisor role at Third Door Media

Three months after retiring from his Chief Content Officer position at Third Door Media (this publication’s publisher), Danny Sullivan announced this morning that he’ll begin working at Google in an as-yet-undefined role with the search division of Alphabet.
From his post:
My title is still being determined, but the position will be to serve as a sort of public liaison for search. The goal is to increase the connection between those at Google who work hard on search each day and the public that depends on Google for answers. I’ll be educating the public about how search works. I’ll be exploring and explaining issues that may arise. I’ll be looking at ways to take in feedback and work for solutions to improve search going forward.
Sullivan relinquished the advisory role he’s held at Third Door Media since June. He continues to own a minority stake in the company.
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Google CEO Sundar Pichai joins Alphabet board

Google CEO Sundar Pichai is joining the Alphabet board of directors, effective last week. Pichai has been at Google since 2004 and CEO since 2015, when the formation of Alphabet was announced.
In addition to Pichai, the Alphabet board includes:

Larry Page
Sergey Brin
Eric E. Schmidt
L. John Doerr
Roger W. Ferguson, Jr.
Diane B. Greene
John L. Hennessy
Ann Mather
Alan R. Mulally
Paul S. Otellini
K. Ram Shriram
Shirley M. Tilghman

Since the time that Pichai was appointed CEO, Google’s stock has increased in value from roughly $650 to $995. Google remains the most important business unit in the Alphabet portfolio and delivers the vast majority of its revenue.
Later this afternoon Google will report quarterly earnings.
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Maile Ohye has left Google

The latest forward-facing Googler to leave the search team is Maile Ohye. She is best known for her talent for conveying complex technical topics in an understandable and actionable manner.
She has produced dozens of Google webmaster videos, spoken at countless marketing and developer events and led many of the Google webmaster related initiatives, including many around the Google Search Console.
Maile joined Google in September 2005 and has been there as a Developer Programs Tech Lead for almost 12 years. She was recently the face behind the video from Google on how to hire an SEO and has been a speaker at many of our SMX events.
She has not stated why she has left the company, nor what her future plans are, but only said farewell on Google+ to some of her coworkers and the community.
Maile is the latest Googler to leave, from a long list of Google employees who have recently left the company. There is no

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Former Google search chief Amit Singhal joins Uber

What do you do after running Google search for 15 years? For Amit Singhal, it was going to be time off and a focus on his foundation. But now, Google’s former search chief is joining Uber as a senior vice president of engineering overseeing the Map and Marketplace departments.
TechCrunch has a long interview with Singhal and the news. He left Google about a year ago and has been spending time on his foundation to help get promising kids to top schools in India. But with that apparently humming along, it sounds as if Singhal was ready for a new challenge — one that came up after meeting Uber CEO Travis Kalanick.
Singhal said he found the computer science challenge of Uber too interesting to pass up. From what he told TechCrunch:
“This company is not only doing things that are amazing, this company also has some of the toughest computer science challenges that I have seen in my career of 25

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Google ch-ch-ch-changes. How they’re affecting publishers and SEOs

GongTo / Shutterstock.com
There appears to be a trend in Google’s actions towards publishers and the digital marketing industry that has me a bit concerned. It seems the company has become less and less transparent with publishers over the last couple years — and frankly, it has me a bit uneasy.
Google transparency
Now, there have always been bones of contention between Google and the SEO community; some believe that Google hates SEOs, while others believe that Google actually needs us.
I was always in the camp that thought Google knew they needed the SEO community because they cannot control the end product. No matter how great the search results, the end product is still the website. If the websites returned by Google are not very usable or relevant, then people won’t use Google to find them.
This has made the SEO industry an almost necessary go-between, giving Google a fairly direct method to affect site quality by getting SEOs to communicate their rules

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Google Is Hiring An SEO Manager To Improve Its Rankings In Google

Ken Wolter / Shutterstock.com
Google is hiring an SEO manager, based on a recent job posting on the Google Careers portal.
The job listing is for a “Program Manager, Search Engine Optimization.” The description of the job makes it clear that this is about marketing:
As a Program Manager for Technical SEO, you will work with cross-functional teams across Marketing, Sales, Product Development, Engineering and more to help drive organic traffic and business growth. You will take part in website development and optimization, help shape blog and social strategy, improve website code hygiene and define web architecture for international websites.
Google wants to improve its marketing and product pages to drive “organic traffic” to those pages.
The responsibilities include:

Architect, design, develop and maintain innovative, engaging and informative sites for a worldwide audience.
Maintain and develop the web code to ensure quality, content and readability by search engines.
Keep pace with SEO, search engine and internet marketing industry trends and developments and report changes as

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