Google’s Great American Eclipse 2017 doodle offers fun facts about today’s big event

For the first time in nearly a century, the United States will have front row seats to a total solar eclipse today as the moon passes between the sun and the earth.
To mark the occasion, Google has traded out the logo on its home page with an animated doodle that leads to a search for “solar eclipse science” and launches a quick list of eclipse facts on both mobile and desktop.
According to Google’s “Great American Eclipse 2017” doodle blog post, more than 7 million people will travel to the “path of totality” — the path created by the moon’s shadow on the Earth during a solar eclipse — as it stretches across the United States.
“It’s been 99 years since an total eclipse crossed the width the United States. This year, the 65-mile wide path of totality will sweep, sash-like, across the country, entering the map at Oregon and exiting at South Carolina.”
Map credit: NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio

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Report: Customer satisfaction with search drops, in social Google+ beats Facebook

Earlier this week the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) released its “e-business” report. The category includes search, social media and news and information sites. Social media held steady, while the search and online news sectors declined vs. last year.
In the aggregate “search engines” dropped in customer satisfaction by 1.3 points. Microsoft properties (MSN, Bing) suffered the largest declines vs. 2016 of 4 and 3 points respectively. Google was off two points compared to last year.

The best score Google has received, since measurement began in 2002, is 86 (out of 100). The first year ACSI measured Google satisfaction it received a score of 80.
Social media as a category was stable; however there was movement among the individual players. Surprisingly, Google+ captured the highest satisfaction level of the group, with 81 points. The report attributes this to its redesign and the addition of new features.
Pinterest gained two points to capture the second highest score (78). Twitter, however, was the

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Eva Ekeblad Google doodle celebrates scientist who made flour & alcohol from potatoes

Today’s Google doodle is a salute to Eva Ekeblad, a Swedish scientist and agronomist who developed a method for making flour and alcohol from grinding potatoes.
“Eva discovered the starch was humble but mighty — potatoes could be ground into flour or distilled into spirits. Her discovery helped reduce famine in years to come,” writes Google on the Google Doodle Blog.
Ekeblad was born on this date in 1724, so today marks her 293rd birthday. Her achievements earned her a spot in the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in 1748 — the same organization that awards Nobel Prizes in physics and chemistry. She was the first woman elected into the academy (another female would not be elected to the academy for 200 years).
The image includes a cameo drawing of Ekeblad carved from a potato, along with potato skins to spell out G-O-O-G-L-E. The doodle leads to a search for “Eva Ekeblad” and includes the usual sharing icon.
The post Eva

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Wimbledon championship Google doodle marks 140th anniversary of world’s oldest tennis tournament

Google is celebrating the first day of the Wimbledon championships today with an animated image to mark the tennis tournament’s 140th anniversary.
The doodle was designed by doodler Gerben Steenks and leads to a search for “Wimbledon championship.” The top right corner of the image includes a tribute to the Rufus the Hawk, a mainstay at the All England Club in Wimbledon, London, tasked with keeping the courts clear of pigeons during game-play.
From the Google Doodle Blog:
Like all British institutions, Wimbledon has its endearing quirks. Keep an eye out for the beloved Rufus the Hawk (featured in the Doodle), who dutifully shoos away any pigeons who land on the court during a match. And if you’re wondering what the spectators are snacking on, it’s strawberries and cream — 28,000kg every year!
You can find Rufus in the top right corner of the animated image noting the tournament’s 140th year:

Before going with the final tennis court artwork, Google considered two

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Fourth of July Google doodle inspired by U.S.’s 1st National Parks director, Stephen Mather

Google is celebrating today’s Fourth of July holiday with a doodle inspired by the U.S.’s first National Parks Service Director and noted conservationist Stephen Mather.
The red, white and blue logo leads to a search for “Fourth of July,” and includes images of deer, bears, moose and other animals you may find in one of America’s 58 national parks.
According to Google, Mather’s birthday was also on July 4th. He was named director of the the National Parks Service — often cited as “Amercia’s best idea” — in 1916 by President Woodrow Wilson who created the NPS the same year.
“Over a century old, America’s national parks span 84 million acres and host more than 275 million visitors every year,” writes Google on its Google Doodle Blog.
It was 241 years ago today the Continental Congress voted to adopt America’s Declaration of Independence and proclaim freedom from Great Britain. For all those celebrating, Search Engine Land wishes you

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Father’s Day 2017 Google Doodle brings back the cactus family from Mother’s Day

To celebrate Father’s Day, today’s Google doodle revisits artwork from this year’s May 14th Mother’s Day doodle — only this, time it’s the cactus family’s dad taking care of his baby cacti.
Google’s Father’s Day doodle includes five panels, the first with only the father-figure cactus standing tall. Other images depict the dad-cactus doing his child’s hair, blowing a balloon back and forth, giving the kids a bath, and showing them how to shave.

The doodle leads to a search for “Father’s Day 2017” and includes the usual sharing icon. Currently, it’s being displayed on Google’s U.S. homepage, in addition to a number of its international pages, including the UK, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, the Netherlands, India, Japan and more.
In case you missed it, here’s Google’s Mother’s Day doodle to compare:

Some of the hardest working dads I know are part of the Search Engine Land team, and I couldn’t be more proud to be their colleague.

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Susan La Flesche Picotte Google doodle pays homage to 1st American Indian to earn her medical degree

Today’s Google doodle honors Dr. Susan La Flesch Picotte on what would have been her 152nd birthday.
Born on this date on the Omaha reservation in Nebraska in 1865, Picotte was encouraged by her father “to be somebody in the world.” According to Google, she did just that, leaving the reservation to attend the Women’s Medical College of Pennsylvania.
From the Google Doodle Blog:
She graduated at the top of her class. Despite receiving numerous prestigious job offers, Picotte chose to return to the reservation to provide the medical care that her tribe badly needed – tending to patients across 1,350 square miles on foot and horseback, in wind, snow, and rain.
Earning the affectionate moniker “Dr. Sue,” Picotte was not only a physician, but an advocate for public health practices and social reform.
“Most notably, in 1913,” writes Google, “She personally raised the funds to build a modern hospital in her hometown.”
The hospital Picotte founded is featured in the doodle image

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How to solve the mystery of what your customers really want

How well do you really know your customers? If your company is like most brands, you already realize that you don’t really know them at all. In fact, a 2015 study from Aberdeen Group found that just 4 percent of organizations are fully satisfied with their ability to ensure data-driven conversations with their customers.
That’s a shockingly small number. And it’s also a huge problem, especially in today’s customer-first culture. Data-driven insights are the key to increasing customer satisfaction. If you don’t know your buyers, how can you really help them? That disconnect can very quickly translate into reduced ROI and decreased revenue for your business. That’s why it’s so important to incorporate data and analytics into every activity designed to support the customer experience. It’s simple math: better customer interactions equal superior business results.
So, if it’s so simple, why aren’t more companies doing it? What does it take to use analytics effectively, and how can you turn

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Josephine Baker Google Doodle honors Jazz Age icon & highlights her civil rights work

Google traded out its homepage logo today to celebrate Jazz Age icon performer, civil rights activist and French spy Josephine Baker.
Born on this date 111 years ago, Baker reached international fame by the 1920s. A star of the stage, her singing and dancing won her a role as part of the chorus line in “Shuffle Along,” the first all-black Broadway musical. After moving to Europe, Baker’s celebrity status skyrocketed.
“She set off for Paris and found her fame and artistic home in the city’s opulent cabarets, singing and performing uninhibited dance routines that celebrated female liberation and African cultural identity,” reports the Google doodle team.
Baker was one of the most photographed women on the planet during her lifetime. She was also a committed fighter for civil rights, refusing to perform for segregated audiences and working to advance the NAACP efforts.
Google also notes Baker’s time with the French Resistance during World War II when she worked on the sly,

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Mother’s Day 2017 Google doodle celebrates all moms – even cactus moms

It’s Mother’s Day, and Google is honoring moms today with an animated image on its homepage of a cactus mom raising her mini-cacti.
While most all of Google’s doodles spell out G-O-O-G-L-E, my kids and I couldn’t find it in today’s animated image. After spending 10-minutes searching for the ‘Google’ in the Mother’s Day logo, the closest we came was a slight letter “L” in the fifth panel of the image:

The doodle leads to a search for “Mother’s Day 2017” and includes the usual sharing icon so that it can be posted on social feeds or sent via email.
From one mom to all the other mom’s out there, Search Engine Land hopes you get to spend the day doing exactly what you want to do. Happy Mother’s Day!
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