Bing improves autocomplete suggestions for academic paper & movie title queries

Today, Bing announced improvements to its autocomplete technology for queries associated with academic papers and movies.
According to the announcement, Bing originally launched its new autocomplete features around academic paper queries earlier this year. Using technology designed by Microsoft’s Cognitive Services and Academic Search team, Bing’s new autocomplete suggestions for academic-related searches make it possible for users to, “…explore the relationships between papers, authors, topics and publications through a large object graph.”
Bing says academic queries like “find all papers by an author,” “find a paper written by particular co-authors,” or “find a paper about a specific topic presented at a conference” will surface real-time autocomplete suggestions that are “the most relevant” to the search.

For movie-related searches, Bing says its newly updated autocomplete feature helps users formulate their query by analyzing the user’s natural language input, and then determining intent (with “lightning-fast” technology) to surface the most likely interpretations.

While Bing’s previous autocomplete suggestions depended on

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Bing News PubHub, a portal for news publishers to submit their sites for consideration

Bing announced a new portal named Bing News PubHub at
At the Bing News PubHub, publishers can submit their news sites to Bing for consideration of inclusion in Bing News, which is syndicated in front of Windows 10 users through Cortana and in front of Outlook users through Outlook News Connector, in the Bing mobile apps on iOS and Android and other places.
To get your site included, first you need to ensure your site follows and complies with the Bing Webmaster Guidelines. Then you need to verify your site in Bing Webmaster Tools.
Bing says they will judge your news site based on the following criteria:

Newsworthiness: Report on timely events and topics that are interesting to users. Content that doesn’t focus on reporting, such as how-to articles, job postings, advice columns or product promotions, is not considered newsworthy. Similarly, content that consists strictly of information without including original reporting or analysis, such as stock data and weather forecasts,

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Bing Gears Up For 2016 Elections: Launches Candidate Pages, Political Index & Timeline

Ahead of Google, Bing has launched 2016 election-related search results with a variety of voter resources, including presidential candidate pages, a timeline for the upcoming election events, and the new Bing Political Index (BPI).
When you search on election topics, you’ll see in-depth candidate pages coupled with a unique tool called the Bing Political Index. This is the first of several 2016 election experiences we plan to bring you this year.Bing Search Blog
Bing searches for “2016 elections,” “presidential election” and “presidential race” all returned the following “Election 2016” box, where users can click on the “Bing Political Index,” “Candidates” and “Timeline” without leaving the search results page.

According to Bing, its new political index was built by the Bing Predicts team and offers insight on a candidate’s platform based on search and social data, along with analysis from
“BPI assigns a candidate score and a public score for ten of the key issues that shape the 2016 election cycle:

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Top Searches On Bing In 2015: Caitlyn Jenner, Tom Brady & Paris

Following Yahoo’s lead, Bing has released its top searches in 2015 for celebrities, athletes, and news stories, along with a number of other categories.
This year, people searching on Bing for celebrities were most interested in Caitlyn Jenner, followed by Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift. The only males to make Bing’s top ten celebrity searches were Chris Brown at No. 7 and Justin Bieber at No. 10.
Bing’s Top Celebrity Searches in 2015

Caitlyn Jenner
Miley Cyrus
Taylor Swift
Kim Richards
Kim Kardashian
Bindi Irwin
Chris Brown
Kylie Jenner
Justin Bieber
Kelly Clarkson

For the most searched athletes on Bing, Tom Brady took the lead, followed by Ronda Rousey and Jordan Spieth.
Bing’s Top Athlete Searches in 2015

Tom Brady
Ronda Rousey
Jordan Spieth
Stephen Curry
Aaron Rodgers
Serena Williams
Caroline Wozniacki
LeBron James
Danica Patrick
Cristiano Ronaldo

Bing also ranked the most popular news stories searched on the site, with topics ranging from the recent terrorist attacks in Paris to natural disasters and scientific discoveries.
Bing’s Top News Story Searches in 2015

ISIS and Paris Attacks
The EU migrant crisis
Earthquake in Nepal
Snowstorm buries NE

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Bing News Adds “Smart Labels” For Mobile, Making It Easier To Find Related Headlines

Bing News announced today it has rolled out a new “Smart Labels” feature for mobile that links articles by key topics, helping users explore related headlines.
The Smart Labels will appear at the bottom right corner of a news story; “advanced technology” enables them to deduce the primary topic of the story and how it relates to other news stories.
Users can click the Smart Label to explore more headlines related to a specific topic.
We’re offering a way to quickly understand how individual news articles relate to a bigger picture just by skimming headlines across different news topics.
Bing offered the following example, showing how users can navigate from a headline about Putin to a related headline concerning gas pipelines, and from there to the Turkish Stream, Russian Pipeline and Black Sea.
Bing News “Smart Labels”

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