Bing Visual Search lets you search specific objects within images

Bing is expanding its image search toolset with a new product that lets users search for specific items shown within a larger image.
They’re calling it Bing Visual Search, and it’s available now as part of the Bing’s existing image search tools. It’s pretty simple to use and pretty impressive, too.
In my first sample search, I queried Bing for landscape ideas and chose a photo that showed dozens of different plants and bushes in someone’s backyard. On the individual image screen, a small magnifying glass appeared in the upper left — clicking that launched the new visual search tool that let me pinpoint one specific plant from the dozens available. And after I did that, Bing identified my chosen plant as a snapdragon (I’m no green thumb, so can only assume that’s correct) and showed me a new set of search results just for this one plant from the original photo.

My results were a bit mixed when doing

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Bing’s “My Saves” feature lets users save video, image and shopping searches across devices

Bing announced a new “My Saves” feature today that makes it possible for users signed into their Bing accounts to save video, image and shopping searches so that they can be accessed at a later time across their desktop and mobile devices.
According to the announcement, hovering over a video or image search result will display a ‘Save’ icon at the bottom of the video or image frame. Clicking on the ‘Save’ option will add the video or image to the “My Saves” folder located under the settings icon on Bing’s homepage.
Bing shared the following video to explain how the new feature works:

Bing’s Shopping search results are also able to be saved:
For shopping searches, you’ll see a blue banner above images that reads, ‘See shopping results’. Clicking on this will filter your results to images of products you can purchase. You can save your favorite search results and access them from ‘My Saves’ at a later time so

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Bing Just Made Finding Recipes Easier With Its New Recipe Badge

Bing is making it that much easier for users to find recipes via its image search by adding a Recipe Badge to food images.
The new badge looks like a tiny chef’s hat and is listed in the bottom left corner of food images that are attached to recipes. The number inside the badge indicates how many websites offer the recipe.
When you click on the badge, Bing will display a carousel of the websites with the recipe.

Bing says its Recipe Badge will be rolling out over the coming weeks across devices and offers a list of resources to help website owners optimize sites for “place to buy” and “recipe” image searches.
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