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Report: Google to appeal $2.7 billion EU fineSep 11, 2017 by Greg Sterling
Google still required to make changes to search results during appeal process.

Google shuts down Fetch As Google for mobile appsSep 11, 2017 by Barry Schwartz
Google begins removing app indexing features from within Google Search Console.

Announcing the shortlist of 2017 Search Engine Land Awards nomineesSep 11, 2017 by Search Engine Land
For the third consecutive year, the selection process in the Search Engine Land Awards became even more difficult, as the field of competition grew to nearly 300 worthy submissions from leading digital agencies, in-house marketing teams and individuals around the world. Michelle Robbins, the newly appointed SVP of content and editor-in-chief of Search Engine Land, […]

Maximizing the potential and value of your SEO teamSep 11, 2017 by Bobby Lyons
Wondering how best to

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Google Shopping gets top spot impression share & product diagnostics reporting

Each year, Google rolls out several new features ahead of the holidays for retail advertisers. This year’s updates have started coming out.
The company introduced a new metric and new reporting for Shopping campaign advertisers — only in the new AdWords interface.
The new metric, called absolute top impression share, reports how often Shopping ads and Local Inventory ads appear in the first spot on mobile and desktop. Google says that during Q4 last year, the first Shopping ad on mobile saw up to three times more engagement than the other spots.
On the Products page, a new diagnostics report lets advertisers dig deeper into product status issues in AdWords.

These features can be added to the list of features exclusive to the new AdWords interface — what Google calls the new AdWords experience — that’s rolling out to advertisers through this year.
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Walmart offering voice shopping via Google Assistant and Home

Google and Walmart have announced a partnership to bring Walmart voice shopping to the Google Assistant and Google Home. Free delivery will also be available through Google Express, which is changing its pricing structure.
Though not discussed in either company’s blog post, the move is likely a response to Amazon voice shopping via Alexa devices. It’s also part of Walmart’s efforts to increase its e-commerce business and reach new audiences.
The initial use case will be product reordering, but beyond that, Walmart intends to use its data to make personalized shopping recommendations based on purchase history. The company also has ambitious plans for voice shopping and offline fulfillment:
One of the primary use cases for voice shopping will be the ability to build a basket of previously purchased everyday essentials. That’s why we decided to deeply integrate our Easy Reorder feature into Google Express. This will enable us to deliver highly personalized shopping recommendations based on customers’ previous purchases, including those

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Here’s what performance advertisers are saying about Quora’s new ad platform

When question-and-answer network Quora announced earlier this year that its ad platform was coming out of beta, some 300 advertisers were already on the platform.
We spoke with several of Quora’s current advertisers about what drew them to the ad platform, their experiences with getting started and what kind of results they are seeing so far.
What stood out is how consistent the feedback was from both B2B and B2C advertisers across a variety of industries. Here’s what they shared.
Quora’s initial attraction
Over and over, advertisers told us Quora was an easy bet to make. “We’re always looking for new avenues to reach people and lower CPC sources” than Facebook and Google, said Sid Bharath, VP of growth for custom online course platform Thinkific, by phone.
Thinkific, like most others we spoke with, already sees good traffic volume and performance from organic traffic on Quora. “We were excited to join the beta because Quora organic is our highest quality traffic source,” said Patrick

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Google’s Chrome will add new ‘Not secure’ warnings later this year

Google has announced new efforts within Chrome to encourage webmasters and site owners to move their sites to HTTPS. Later this year, Google’s Chrome browser will show a warning message on pages that have search boxes or forms to fill out.
[Read the full article on Marketing Land.]
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Canonical chaos: doubling down on duplicate content

Search engines are getting smarter. There is little doubt about that. However, in a CMS-driven web where content can often exist on several URLs, it is not always clear what is the authoritative URL for a given piece of content. Also, having content on several URLs can lead to problems with link and ranking signals being split across several variations of a piece of content.
It is hard enough standing out in the often hypercompetitive search landscape, so you would imagine that most businesses had these foundational SEO issues under control. Unfortunately, our experience would tell us otherwise. In fact, it seems that in the wake of many sites moving towards HTTPS for the promised ranking boost, we are seeing even more issues of URL-based duplicate content than before.
Fortunately, we have the canonical tag. With rel=canonical, we can easily specify the authoritative URL for any piece of content. Google and the other engines will then consolidate link and rank

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AdWords Price Extensions spotted on desktop

Google officially launched price extensions for mobile text ads out of beta in July. Not surprisingly, they now appear to be extending to desktop.
Initially, price extensions debuted in a list on mobile, as shown in the example from Google below. 
As of last week, that format has switched over to a swipeable card format in which price extensions appear in a horizontal strip as shown below.

The horizontal layout is what has been spotted on desktop by Conrad O’Connell of in ads for Airbnb, an early beta tester of price extensions on mobile.
Advertisers can use the extensions to call out product or service offerings and starting prices by brands, events, locations, neighborhoods, product categories, product tiers, services, service categories or service tiers
I have not seen any price extensions on desktop yet, but keep an eye out for them.
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Meet a Landy Award winner: Quick on its feet, Point It wins Best B2C Enterprise SEM Initiative

Katy Tonkin (left) and Maddie Cary of Point It accept the Landy for Best B2C Enterprise SEM Initiative.
The mission they chose to accept: to build and activate paid search campaigns to promote the surprise product launch of the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book on the US Microsoft Store website — in less than 24 hours.
Mission accomplished. For its quick execution of tailored, targeted campaigns that exceeded expectations, Seattle-based Point It Digital Marketing took home the Landy award for Best B2C Enterprise SEM Initiative. This was Point It’s second consecutive Landy win.
Not only was time not on their side, but once the campaigns were launched, Point It faced stiff competition from other authorized sellers and retailers carrying the new Surface products.
Point It focused their campaign structure and keyword strategy on reaching lower-funnel prospects who knew about the new products and were searching on brand keywords that signaled purchase intent. Negative keywords were added to funnel target prospects

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Bing Ads Editor now supports Shopping campaigns

Shopping campaign management has arrived in Bing Ads Editor version 11.4. The update makes it possible to create new Shopping campaigns and edit existing ones in Editor.
A new Shopping settings tab is now available in the editor panel to set the store ID, region of sale and campaign priority.

To make it easier to bulk-manage product groups, Bing Ads has done away with the need to have a parent product group ID for every product group. Instead, the product group field contains the full path, which makes it possible to make changes without a parent ID and easier to see parent product groups. Additionally, the product groups align with AdWords Editor, so you can import a file exported from AdWords Editor into Bing Ads Editor. (It’s also possible to import Shopping campaigns from Google in the Bing Ads UIl.)

You can change the Type, Bid and Destination URLs for product groups in the editor pane. To edit product groups themselves

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Can moving to a new TLD boost search rankings?


One of the big questions in SEO today is how new TLDs (top-level domains), like .LIVE, .NEWS or .ATTORNEY, are affecting search engine rankings. While some believe that .COM domains are the only safe option, Google has insisted that generic top-level domains aren’t at any disadvantage in their search rankings’ algorithm. Rather than accept either of these statements at face value, we wanted to know, what does the data say?
That’s why we commissioned Globe Runner, a Dallas-based SEO firm, to investigate the effect of moving from a .COM to a new TLD. The subject of this study was Jacksonville.ATTORNEY, a domain registered by Eric Block, a personal injury attorney in Jacksonville, FL. Eric’s migration from in March of 2015 was a great opportunity to observe domain metrics before and after the switch. What Globe Runner discovered is that moving to a new TLD very likely contributed to Eric’s site appearing at the top of many search

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