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Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web.
From Search Engine Land:

Google adds new SEO Audit category to Chrome’s Lighthouse extensionFeb 5, 2018 by Michelle Robbins
The popular auditing tool used by developers and search marketers now enables users to run basic SEO checks against site pages.

6 AdWords strategies businesses can use to make love, not war on Valentine’s DayFeb 5, 2018 by Todd Saunders
Give the gift of Adwords love this Valentine’s Day by using these six tactics from Contributor Todd Saunders to boost your PPC efforts.

Compare 9 paid search campaign management toolsFeb 5, 2018 by Digital Marketing Depot
The paid media marketing landscape has become increasingly complex, as the speed of search engine algorithms and development changes accelerates and marketers demand more integrated channel capabilities. Automating paid media campaign management through an enterprise platform can improve efficiency and productivity. MarTech Today’s “Enterprise Paid Media Campaign Management

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YouTube sees 90% lift in searches for football highlight videos during the last year

In advance of this weekend’s Super Bowl LII game, YouTube has pulled together data around how people are watching — and searching for — sports-related video content on the site, and a few of the growth stats are quite remarkable.
There has been a 90 percent increase in searches for “football highlight” videos during the last year, YouTube reports. The company says that in addition to the rise in search activity, watch-time of sports highlight videos skyrocketed 80 percent between 2016 and 2017.
Watch-time growth of sports highlight videos on YouTube

Highlight videos were not the only sports-related content getting more views. Sports-related interview videos saw a 60 percent increase in watch-time, and funny sports video watch-time was up 50 percent.
YouTube reports 70 of the top 100 sports videos on its site have “great,” “greatest” or “best” in the videos’ titles.
Along with the rise in “football highlight” searches, YouTube found “how to” sports video searchers have doubled since 2016 and

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Elizabeth Blackwell Google doodle recognizes first woman in the US to earn a medical degree

Today’s Google doodle marks the 197th birthday of the British-born physician Elizabeth Blackwell, the first woman in the US to earn a medical degree.
After moving to the states from Bristol, England, Blackwell worked as a teacher. Her propensity to take a stand against social norms — and fight for what was right — was evident during her time teaching.
“Early on, she asserted her moral convictions: when a teaching position in Kentucky exposed her to the brutality of slavery for the first time, she set up a Sunday school for slaves and became a staunch abolitionist,” writes Google on the Google Doodle Blog.
According to Google, Blackwell wanted to become a physician after the death of a friend, believing a female physician would have lessened her friend’s suffering. She received numerous rejections from medical schools but was eventually accepted into New York’s Geneva Medical College.
An abolitionist and champion of women’s rights, Blackwell would go on to create a women-governed

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SearchCap: Mobile app SEO & Google pictures

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web.
From Search Engine Land:

Four new search trends in mobile app discoveryFeb 2, 2018 by Brian Solis
Consumers are searching for helpful apps and downloading what best meets their needs. Contributor Brian Solis discusses what you can do to be sure it’s your app they discover and download.

Search in Pics: Google Bike riding, hanging hammocks & Valentine’s Day prepFeb 2, 2018 by Barry Schwartz
In this week’s Search In Pictures, here are the latest images culled from the web, showing what people eat at the search engine companies, how they play, who they meet, where they speak, what toys they have and more. How to ride a bike at Google: Source: Instagram Google preparing for Valentine’s Day: Source: Instagram […]

Recent Headlines From Marketing Land, Our Sister Site Dedicated To Internet Marketing:

Best practices for onboarding new clients
Here are 9 misconceptions about GDPR

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Community Corner: Spotlight on Search Engine Land Award Winners Odd Dog Media & SapientRazorfish

In 2015, the Search Engine Land Awards were introduced to recognize the top performers in the SEO and SEM community. The inaugural event was a big success by all accounts. Hosted in New York City during the SMX East conference, the awards program drew hundreds of attendees and raised thousands of dollars for Be the Match, a national bone marrow donor program, and, a nonprofit committed bringing computer sciences into the classroom.
Since its inception, The Search Engine Land Awards have put a spotlight on the best and brightest within the SEO and SEM industry. Not only are individuals and agencies within the search community recognized for their outstanding work, the event continues to raise thousands of dollars for charitable organizations.
This year, the Search Engine Land Awards event will be hosted in Seattle, Washington, during the SMX Advanced Conference on July 12, 2018. In anticipation of this year’s awards program, Search Engine Land is running this interview

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Who wins? Google & Bing’s ‘Super Bowl ad’ search results are quite different

Searches for “Super Bowl ads” are about to heat up as we head into Sunday. People turning to Google and Bing for information about the official Super Bowl Lii commercials will find very different treatments of the results on each of the engines.
Here’s a look at how those results compare. Going in alphabetical order, we’ll start with Bing.
Bing’s carousel of Super Bowl ads
Whether people are searching Bing on desktop or mobile, they’ll see a carousel at the top of the results featuring Super Bowl Lii commercials.
Clicking on any of the thumbails in the carousel brings up the search results for the specific ad including a video player to watch the commercial. The carousel remains at the top of the page so users can easily navigate to more of the commercials.

Below the carousel is a list of related searches and news results about the query “Super Bowl Ads”.
Here’s how the results look on mobile:
Bing is not serving any paid

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5 tendências de web design para 2018

5 tendências de web design para 2018

Conheça 5 tendências de web design para 2018 que prometem vir com força total!

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دورة مجانية متقدمة في السيو وتحسين نتائج البحث في جوجل SEO Arabic

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دورة مجانية متقدمة في السيو وتحسين نتائج البحث في جوجل SEO Arabic

نحن نوفر خدمات سيو شاملة ونضعك رقم 1 في جوجل – انضم الان لنا من هنا
لا تضيع الفرصة وانضم لنا ايضا في الخطة الشاملة لتعليم البرمجة للتعلم المزيد معنا…
في هذه الدورة سنقوم بشرح متطلبات السيو من ثيمات ومواقع استضافة بالاضافة الى اضافات لتفعيل السيو وعمل خارطة للموقع وتفعيل وربط الموقع بالجوجل ويب ماستر توول، وكيفية التعامل مع الروبوتز فايل وتنبيه محركات البحث مثل جوجل وبينغ، ستتعلم كيفية جعل موقعك ضمن اول صفحة من صفحات البحث.

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الثيمات الاحترافية التي ننصح بها

الاستضافة الاحترافية التي ننصح بها

موقع احمد ناصر بالعربي

رقمي الواتس اب

البريد الالكتروني الخاص بي

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يمكنك الانضمام لنا عبر سناب شات من هنا

الاستاذ أحمد ناصر
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The 5 Big Disruptions to Marketing in 2018

Join us for the 2018 update to Scott Brinker’s highly popular webinar on the disruptions affecting today’s marketers. Building on the 2017 edition, Scott will examine how the martech landscape has evolved over the past 12 months and outline what lies ahead for marketers in the next three to five years.
The marketing world is in the middle of five major disruptions that are reshaping the industry as we know it:

Digital transformation.
Microservices and APIs.
Vertical competition.
Digital everything.
Artificial Intelligence.

These trends are dramatically altering the digital landscape in which businesses operate, changing how brands function internally and how they engage with customers.
Find out what’s changed, what’s ahead and how marketers can leverage these disruptions for a successful 2018. Register today for “The 5 Big Disruptions to Marketing in 2018,” produced by Digital Marketing Depot and sponsored by the MarTech Conference®.
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