With Windows 10, Bing Ads Anticipates 10 To 15 Percent More Search Volume By September

With Wednesday’s launch of Windows 10, Bing Ads General Manager David Pann has outlined the benefits advertisers should expect to reap from the ways in which search is woven into the new operating system in a new blog post. Overall, Pann’s message is that Bing Ads advertisers should see lots of opportunity for more search volume as adoption of Windows 10 spreads. Here’s why.
More Volume From New And Current Users
“We’re estimating query volume gains from 10 to 15 percent as early as September — not only from new users, but from existing Bing users who will now use Bing more frequently.”
Because Windows 10 makes search a much more integral aspect of the user experience — and without a doubt, it does — performing regular searches will feel more intuitive. In Windows 10, users don’t have to launch an app or browser to access Bing or Cortana. Instead, they can use a task bar to speak or type Web searches.

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