The Election: More searchers, more opportunities

In December 2015, Bing rolled out an Election 2016 experience, with data powered by Bing Predicts. You’ll know Bing Predicts as the crew that’s responsible for tearing it up at the Oscars, the NBA playoffs and the Scottish independence referendum (among others) with strikingly accurate predictions.

While the Predicts experiences have never been intended as an opportunity for advertisers, the reality is that on average they result in a 50-percent increase in search traffic year over year for those related terms and a 20-percent lift in “likelihood to use” Bing against Google in perception surveys.
As a marketer, I look at this as an opportunity. So I decided to dig into the Bing Elections 2016 experience to see what makes sense for advertisers who are looking for more volume. Here’s what I found out:
1. The Elections 2016 experience on Bing is incredibly engaging
This means searchers are apt to spend more time on the search engine results page (SERP). Not just

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