Bing refreshes weather search results with interactive slider to see forecasts throughout the day

Bing rolled out two new updates for weather-related queries today – adding a new look and feel to its weather search results and offering snow conditions and forecasts for U.S. ski resort searches.
The site has refreshed its entire “weather experience” so that weather searches for specific cities will return real-time forecasts and an interactive slider that shows the weather condition for certain times of the day, set against an image of the city’s landscape.
From the Bing Search Blog:
For major cities across the world, you’ll see the cityscapes in the background that adjust based on the time of day. You can see the Eiffel Tower light up Paris at night, or the sun glint off the Chicago River.
Bing says weather-related searches for smaller cities will get a color-based gradient to indicate weather conditions and climate throughout the day.

Bing also noted its weather search results are designed to respond to natural language – making it possible to ask follow-up

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