Bing ‘intelligent search’ capabilities continue to expand, include facts from multiple sources

Bing has announced several upgrades to its AI-powered intelligent search capabilities. Bing first launched intelligent search in December, bringing artificial intelligence to deliver richer search answers, and enhance image and conversational search.
Now, Bing is launching more intelligent search features with:

Aggregated facts across multiple sources.
Hover-over definitions for uncommon words.
Multiple answers for how-to questions.
Object detection for all common top fashion categories.
Using Intel’s FPGA chips allows Bing to quickly read and analyze billions of documents across the entire web and provide the best answer to your question in less than a fraction of a second.

When searching for facts, Bing may show information from multiple sources, all in one featured snippet. Here is a screen shot:
Bing will offer facts pulled from multiple sources with an expansion of intelligent answers.
Also, if Bing recognizes a word in a featured snippet that isn’t common knowledge, it will show its definition when the user hovers over it with the mouse cursor:
Bing is providing definitions to uncommon

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