Re-Examining The Top 10 Paid Search Best Practices, Part 1

Best practices — by definition — are a set of highly recommended tips and tricks born of repeated and ongoing expertise in a specific subject matter. As professionals, we rely on these tried and tested procedures every day because we assume them to be correct and effective.
But are these best practices always the right course of action? If anything, they might just be, as many describe, “just a good starting point” that shouldn’t be relied on as the only way to manage paid search.
Susan Waldes’ recent post here at Search Engine Land on why search marketers should reconsider using broad match challenges the best practice on avoiding that match type when possible. I read this piece and was inspired to re-examine other best practices search practitioners take for granted as being hard and fast rules.
The goal here is not to try to debunk these best practices — they’re all highly effective tips — but rather to explore a

Search Engine Land Source

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