Bing Ads announces new Editor features for ad extensions

Bing Ads announced on Thursday some new features in Editor related to ad extension management.
These new features are now available for the Windows version of Bing Ads Editor, and they will soon be available for the Mac version.
Ad extension scheduling
Advertisers can control when their ad extensions are shown in Editor, including by date, day of the week and time of day. There’s also support for times to be based on either the advertiser’s time zone or the searcher’s time zone.
These scheduling options allow advertisers to run ad extensions only during appropriate times and help enhance relevance. For example, a restaurant may want to have callout extensions enabled for the morning to highlight breakfast items, and then schedule them to turn off when breakfast stops serving and turn on callouts for dinner promotion.
The new scheduling options displayed when extensions are highlighted in Editor:

Clicking Edit in the Ad Schedule section of the editing pane brings up a scheduling window:


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