Amazing Content For Small Businesses: What Does It Really Look Like?

We’re often told to create amazing content because it will naturally benefit us and bring us social shares, new customers, increased visibility, links and more. However, much of the amazing content that gets noticed and mentioned in analyses is from big brands that have the money and resources to hire a pro.
While that’s definitely helpful for anyone who wants to learn more, sometimes it’s nice to look at content that’s created by someone who isn’t a professional content creator and who made it simply to create something useful, rather than for a sales or rankings-driven motive.
Content At Its Best
Let’s take a look at a local small business article that, in my opinion, is everything it should be.
Top 10 Swimming Holes Around Boone NC

I found this piece when I was looking for a nice swimming hole near Boone for my own vacation, and since I’m a jaded marketer who understands that the top results aren’t always the most relevant, I

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