Can moving to a new TLD boost search rankings?


One of the big questions in SEO today is how new TLDs (top-level domains), like .LIVE, .NEWS or .ATTORNEY, are affecting search engine rankings. While some believe that .COM domains are the only safe option, Google has insisted that generic top-level domains aren’t at any disadvantage in their search rankings’ algorithm. Rather than accept either of these statements at face value, we wanted to know, what does the data say?
That’s why we commissioned Globe Runner, a Dallas-based SEO firm, to investigate the effect of moving from a .COM to a new TLD. The subject of this study was Jacksonville.ATTORNEY, a domain registered by Eric Block, a personal injury attorney in Jacksonville, FL. Eric’s migration from in March of 2015 was a great opportunity to observe domain metrics before and after the switch. What Globe Runner discovered is that moving to a new TLD very likely contributed to Eric’s site appearing at the top of many search

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